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transition therapy

We all experience life transitions on our journey through life. Some emerge quite predictably and naturally like getting a first job, becoming a parent, seeing children off to college, helping parents as they age or facing retirement. Others occur unexpectedly and traumatically, such as facing a divorce, the death of a loved one, having to take care of a parent, the loss of a job or a serious acute or chronic illness.


All transitions, whether expected or not, involve moving from a known and controlled situation to one which is unfamiliar and possibly uncomfortable circumstance. When these transitions arise, we are confronted with the need to develop new coping strategies and to manage the emotions and stress connected to this process.


The process of adjusting to a new “norm” can be a very difficult one but reaching out for support can make an enormous difference.



Transition Therapy can help by teaching skills for effective coping and managing the intense emotions which may arise when dramatic life changes occur. These times of transition provide fertile ground for moving on in new and fulfilling ways. 

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