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individual therapy

Individual therapy can be used for a wide range of reasons from specific problem solving to self-exploration. Individual psychotherapy can provide the arena you need to work through life’s stressors. We believe in the value of self-exploration for those who are interested in this process. Delving into one’s own thoughts and feelings with the guidance of trained professional can help to mend old wounds, improve the quality of one’s relationships and deepen one’s life experience. 

If life is not going the way you hoped and you or your family member are you dealing with the following:


• Anxiety, Panic, Depression

• Neonatal/Postpartum Stressors

• Stress Management and Relaxation Training

• Anger Management

• Grief or Trauma

• Mental Health Disorders

• Parenting, Work, Family Stressors

• Resolving Relationship Conflicts and Concerns

• Conflict Resolution

• Adjustment to Life Changes


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