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extra mile

Our EXTRA MILE PROGRAM uses licensed mental health professionals who are committed to Going The Extra Mile to assist clients to identifying and overcome psychological obstacles caused by extreme traumas in the past or present.

Due to the severity of trauma most of our clients have experienced we created our unique EXTRA MILE PROGRAM which using non tradition methods to meet the unique needs of our clients by meeting them exactly where they are.

Methods Used:

Equine Therapy

Physical/Cognitive Therapy (walk therapy)

Telehealth (electronic therapy)


 We have therapist who specialize in the:

  • Chronic Illness

  • Active duty and Veterans

  • Women’s issues

  • Adolescents and Adult Trauma 

  • Adolescent Human Trafficking Survivors 


“Our therapist Go the Extra Mile to help our clients build the momentum needed to get to each Milestone on their journey towards mental wellness.”

-Jasmine Wright-Totimeh

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